Limited Spaces N2
interactive Installation/performance
Choreography and peformance: Heike Langsdorf & Palle Dyrvall
Set design: Peter Maschke
Constructor : Stephane Tambeur

coproduction: Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie -
Netwerk, Contemporary Art Center -
with support: Nadine vzw -

The installation consists of two parts: an exercise bike and a narrow black rectangular object/screen attached to a rotating vertical axis. Both parts are linked by a bicycle chain.
A visitor may ride the bike. When he starts pedaling, the black object/screen starts to rotate, while a movie is projected on its sides. To see the story to the end the viewer must adjust his speed to the rhythm of the film. During the performance the space inside the object is occupied by a dancer, constricted by the screen’s elastic sides. The cyclist controls the rotation of the object/screen.
In the first part of the performance the dancer remains immobile and thus invisible.
In the second part, when she tires of incessant rotation, she starts to move thus slowing down, and even stopping the object. Her body molds shapes on the surface of stretching fabric, and the viewers realize that there is a real person inside the object/screen.


Technical description of performance and installation
Construction 'Screen+Bicycle'
1 video projector
wires to connect cameras and projectors
1 computers Mac or PC, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Memory 2 GB, GeForce 8600M - 256 MB

Technologies : Max/Msp/Jitter - SoftVNS - Interface-z 

Installation "Screen" is a part of a project "Limited Spaces" which includes 2 works more.
The time of performance of two installations “Cube” and “Screen” is 30-40 minutes.
Each installation deals with a limited space and a dancer inside of it.
The conditions of performers are different.

Installations relate to each other by light and sounds. Light of “Cube” Installation reflects on “Screens” one.
Both installations work are fuctioning in the same time with 10 minutes delay between.
“Cube” installation begins and “Screens” action starts 15 minutes later.