sound inteactive installation
production: Adem vzw

The aim of the project was to realise a series of tapestries in the form of an installation presenting a series of woven film frames in their original sequence. Their average size will be 55 x 77 cm, corresponding to the television and movie format (4 x 3) of the last century. It will be like a story of the future, filmed by Woody Allen, and arranged by my computer, using an ancient technique of picture making - tapestry. This technique could be preserved if contemporary digital media should be destroyed and vanish.
The installation should be displayed in such a way that the walls of the exhibition space are covered by carpets. Above them small mono speakers are fixed. Each speaker will correspond to every two scenes / carpets. When the spectator approaches one of the tapestries, his/her position will be analysed by a Kinect, triggering a sound. A narrator's voice begins to tell a story, describing what is happening in a picture more nearby spectator. The original soundtrack of five different ‘storytellers’ will be created and, if 2 - 3 visitors are standing close to each other, the narrators' voices will overlap, and each of them will relate his/her own version of the event depicted. All the sound sequences will be a maximum 1 minute long. In some of them the narrator’s voice will have priority, in others it will be a soundscape. The assignment of the narrator’s voice to each carpet will change every 3 minutes so that, for every newcomer, it will be a personal experience.