Piano Insight

Music and improvisation by Aki Hoffman
color, 8'14, 2015
Production: adem vzw with Aki Hoffman
(also to see performance)

In “Piano Insight” Dementieva aspires to explores the architecture of the acoustics by inserting a visual recording device into the body of a piano. The miniature video cameras capture the distribution of light or energy at different frequencies and stream the images onto a screen positioned in front of a musician, who becomes aware of architectonics of the sounds he produces on his instrument, which allows him to observe and control the effects in the course of his performance. Choosing the position or angle of the cameras and manipulating light, color or contrast of the images via the remote control, artist assumes the role of a movie director. A musician consequently represents both conductor, who translates the musical harmony and rhythm into the displayed imagery, and performer, who coordinates his movements or breathing with visualizations they produced on the screen. Therefore, a challenge for the former and the latter is to synchronize their efforts.