Art Measurement
Interactive video installation
Programming : Bart Vandeput


Research model of comtemporary art market
The installation consists of one large monitor and 5 podiums labeled:

Spectator - spectator
Art critic - magazines, newspapers, printing materials…
Curator - art centers, festivals…
Dealer - galleries, agencies…
Collector – private and public museums, foundations…
On the screen there is a paused video displaing ‘$0’.
When a person steps on a podium, video starts playing and the amount starts growing. The rate of change depends on the podium – “Spectator” influences the video and amount very little, whereas “Collector” effects the most rapid changes.
When all podiums are occupied it is possible to create ‘PIECE OF ART’ in 25 sec.

phot credits: adem, Julia Nitsberg

Technical description:
1 computer MAC /PC
with a monitor and keyboard
a. Processor: - Intel Core2-duo 2.4Ghz or 2.93Ghz; b. RAM - 2Gb.; c. Hard-Drive - not less than 100Gb.;
d. Video-Card - ATI or NVidia; e. OS; Sound Card/Interface
1 monitor
2 small computer speakers