INSTALLATIONS video performances

interactive soun/video installation, 2018
in progress)

Film conservation using a technic of tapestry and interactive storytelling.

Monolith II
interactive video installation, 2017

Monolith as a mirror.

Maranola Constellation
site specific installation, 2016

Maranola constellation - is a constellation on a ground, in the shape of a triangle.
It can be seen by the villagers, but also "other" from universe.

Orbis Quartus / Another Dimension
interactive video installation, 2015
in progress)

Installation exploring emotional expressions on human face and its relations with video image (projection) and other people.

interactive video installation, 2015

Installation exploring relations between video image (projection) and the way how it could be perceived.

interactive light installation, 2013

under construction

interactive installation, 2012

Fear and desire, internet and environment - light's breathing sculptures

In Search of Lost Focus
interactive video installation, 2012

Often we think that we are reaching now the goal. And only it is enough to stretch a hand attaining the surface of the desired object.

Mirror's Traces
interactive video installation / performance, 2011

Inspired by 'Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2

Nanoscope 2111
interactive video installation / object, 2011

The prototype of future equipment, which allows unlimited magnification of the object under observation.

Contact Field
interactive video installation, 2011

Landing fields

interactive video installation, 2010

“Monolith” deals with the complexities of fear as a contemporary social phenomenon. By letting the viewer experience fear, the installation offers critical insights into the effect of cultural conditioning in contemporary society. Furthermore, it provides social comments on collective emotional standards and the dominant conventions of a society in which the media constantly amplify fear.

Minimal Reality : Fire
site specific video installation, 2009

Video based on images of fire

Hotel Bathroom on Air
site specific video installation, 2009

Bathroom's bathtop is filled with balloons. Underwater camera is placed under them and is connected with the tv in a hotel room. The slow dropping of water creates an instant video that is constantly changing.

The Unbearable Lightness
interactive video installation, 2009

This work is about an expectation of common computer/television user who is used to control and accelerate things in order to get to desired object/movie as quick as possible.

Against Everybody
multi-media installation, 2009

under construction

Drama House / Life: A User's Manual
interactive video installation, 2009

“Drama house” is a house when the simple ring at the doorbell can have unpredictable consequences; event, one is stranger then another and in the same time all, what happens with habitants belongs to everyday life. Sometimes these circumstances are a little bit exaggerated.

Art Measurement
interactive video installation, 2008

Research model of comtemporary art market.

Alien Space
interactive video installation, 2008

'Alien space' is a miniature of the human universe: it is amazing, cruel, childish, stupid, beautiful and fragile at the same time. It acts as an independent organism with all of its possible merits and demerits. Like the full-blown universe it reacts on all movements and changes inside of it that are produced by its visitors. Every movement triggers either sound or image and changes its composition.

Sonic Loft
interactive sound installation, 2008
version I

A visitor is invited to walk an audio route in an empty space demarcated solely by lines on the floor, with a single symbolic entry, and each of the eight minute stages imbued with an individual perseption by each of the composers.

Ward N7
interactive installation, 2007

Atmosphere of anxiousness and ambiguity where everything is changing and especially the role of spectator. From the main actor he becomes a victim imprisoned in exhibition space.

interactive video installation, 2006
How is our mind shaped, what mythology lies behind? How do we influence what we see on TV and in cinema? What impact has it on our perception of the world?
The Desire Machine is brain scanner, linking our innermost thoughts to a video projection. Installation is based on mass media production: television, cinema, advertising.

Limited Spaces N2
interactive installation/performance, 2005
The installation is composed of two parts: an exercise bike, and a narrow box rotating on the vertical axis. They are linked by a bicycle chain.
A visitor can take his turn at the bike. When he starts pedaling, the black box starts rotating, and a film is projected on its sides. To view the story to its conclusion the viewer must adjust his speed to the rhythm of the film.

Direct Cut
interactive video installation, 2005
Is it possible to create an interactive cinema for multiple participants? What is the future of cinema? How will it evolve with the extremely fast development of technology in a high-tech society? How could the narrative be interrupted, and converted into a multi-node structure interactively connecting large numbers of viewers? Is it possible to make a film evolve by large numbers of seers at the same time? How can several spectators find common solutions in a film continuation? Is it a real possibility, or will the film viewing will be transformed into a competition, game – which one will become a winner, which one will lose?

Tenderness Lesson
video installation, 2005
The face, its expressions and mimicry play an important role in human communication.  A glance, a smile, or the furrowing of brows can say significantly more that words pronounced at the same moment. 
On two screens actors perform the momentary situation when a relationship develops between two people meeting for the first time.  The moment is of a tension in which “the word” is absent and feelings are transmitted through facial movements. 

Limited Spaces N1
interactive Installation/performance, 2004
The work 'Limited Spaces' is inspired by behavior psychology and asks for an active participation of the spectator, whose actions will interrogate our perception, our relations with others and our own image. The meaning reveals itself through the visitor’s involvement in dance, image and music.

Mirror's Memory
Interactive video installation/performance, 2003
This installation reacts to visitor presence on the interactive carpet by superimposing various images, scenes and sounds generated in a random manner. The exhibition behavior evolves during the duration of the show; is modifies according to the database of all the people who visited the exposition.

Les mots en trop
site specific video installation, 2003
Installations based on the mass media texts about Iraq war.

video installation, 2003
Post Opening is site specific installation conceived specially for CCNOA space.

Total Market Space
consumption energy - productive energy
video installation, 2002
Who hasn’t gone shopping in a supermarket, a shopping mall or a chain store, to buy, spend, consume and finally fill up again?
With her videos on the purchasing of the same goods by four different people in four European cities, Alexandra Dementieva lends a critical eye to this infernal ritual, so universalised throughout the world.

The Room
Interactive video installation, 2001
Interactive sound installation introduces spectators into the life of your neighbors, their thoughts, intimacy and imagination.
The sound environment based on the recordings of brussels habitants.

Waiting Hall
site specific interactive video installation, 2000
Reconstruction of a waiting hall.

Game with Children
interactive video installation, 1998
The theme of the exhibition was inspired by the site. The Napoleonic fortress erected at the beginning of the XIX century is a historical edifice, which automatically elicits thinking about war. But the artist avoids directly using war images, concentring her attention on another questions such as: education, childhood, power, and virtual War.

To See
Interactive video installation, 1997
Throughout our daily life voyeurism questions our actions. At which point do we become the "viewer", what triggers the transformation? The spatial environment of the exposition is one of these elements.

Beverly Hills
site specific video installation, 1997
Site specific installation was placed in social security office.