The Game with Children
interactive video installation

The theme of the exhibition was inspired by the site. The Napoleonic fortress erected at the beginning of the XIX century is a historical edifice, which automatically elicits thinking about war. But the artist avoids directly using war images, concentring her attention on another questions such as: education, childhood, power, and virtual War.

This is a real office, with an "L"-shaped table littered with notebooks, files, computer, papers and the like. A graphic tablet with a pencil is placed in the middle of the table, so that when the spectator approaches, he can see a number of printed buttons. Under each button is a command such as: "sit", run', "jump" etc. and a second set of commands such as: "hit", "push", "kick" “shake a hand”, “give a kiss”, etc. Just in front of the table there is a large screen on to which a film showing a group of children is projected. The children seem to be waiting.
Sitting comfortably in an armchair, the spectator can give different commands to the children, who will carry them out accurately.