Nanoscope :: 2111
interactive video installation / object

cast: Lina Kusaite, Anton Sachs
animation/programming: Stefan Piat
hardware: Anton Sachs
object design: Vladimir Shpigel
production: Adem vzw

Man had always attempted to explain everything that occurred to and around him. In the beginning he did it trough religion and myths. Later, the scientific method of acquiring knowledge became prevalent – scientists advance hypotheses, which then are checked experimentally, and finally a theory is created, and used in practice. Occasionally the links of this process chain trade places.
In the last fifty years science presented the world with many amazing discoveries and tools, nanotechnology being not the least of them.
The object, which I propose for the exhibition, is called Nanoscope: 2011. It is a prototype of future equipment, which allows unlimited magnification of the object under observation.