Sonic Loft
Video installation
Version I
composers : Michael J. Schumacher (USA), Aernoudt Jacobs (B), Christophe Bailleau (B)
programming : Andrew Brouse (Canada)
object engineering : Guillaume Stagnaro (FR)

production : Transcultures asbl
co-production : Adem vzw

Installation description:
A hall floor marked with yellow tape creates a limited space with symbolic entrance.
The construction looks like floating pyramids attached to the ceiling. In each pyramid there is a speaker directed toward the floor (a sound shower). The hall is slightly illuminated. The floor is covered by sound-absorbent carpet negating the reverberations. 10 interactive pressure pads are placed under the carpet.

Five (5) interactive MP3 objects are placed on floor. They have a pyramid shape and are activated by touch of visitor. For each object is assigned a specific sound.

Part 1
Three sound creators/composers created a soniferous environment based the architectural schema. Each proposes his own concept of aural perception of space. Some consists of clearly recognizable sounds and noises, some is just an audible construct, reminiscent of something, but difficult to define. Those creations could be electro acoustic music or field recording. A visitor walking within confines of the exhibition space, by stepping on interactive pads initiates sounds assigned to his particular location .

The sound environment changes every 8 minutes. With each change, the active composer name appears on LED panel representing the entrance into space.

Fifteen (15) strategically located speakers produce sounds assigned to them.
Ten of the speakers are suspended in the air fixed inside of pyramid’s ceiling; others are distributed on the floor.

Interface (12analogue entrance/ 16 numeric entrances) produced by Interface-Z (
9 interactive carpets
5 interactive MP3 objects
MOTU 828mk3 FireWire audio interface