Source of Energy
Interactive sculpture, 2021

production: Cyland Lab

The installation "Source of Energy" is interactive artwork that combines a light sculpture in the shape of an Glucose molecule and a jar containing SCOBY Kombucha. The sculpture features translucent plastic balls representing the molecular components of Glucose, namely Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen. Each ball is embedded with LEDs that emit light in colors corresponding to these elements.

Adjacent to the sculpture, there is a jar containing SCOBY Kombucha immersed in a sweet tea broth. The fermentation process of the SCOBY is monitored through the use of acid and ethanol sensors placed inside the jar. These sensors detect the pH and ethanol levels of the Kombucha culture, creating a dynamic feedback system.

As the pH and ethanol levels fluctuate within the SCOBY Kombucha, the sensors trigger changes in the light patterns emitted by the LEDs within the sculpture. The shifting colors and patterns of light reflect the real-time biochemical activity of the Kombucha culture, creating an interactive and visually captivating experience.

The installation highlights the interconnectedness of living organisms, nature, and the processes of energy generation. It prompts viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between human activity and the natural world, and the significance of sustainable practices in our relationship with the environment.

"Source of Energy" offers a unique fusion of art, science, and technology, inviting viewers to engage with the artwork on multiple levels and contemplate the intricate relationships between organic processes, light, and energy.