The White is not What it Seems
Interactive AR installation, 2019
Artivive application

production: Nadine vzw, Adem vzw

photos :

Tech description:

video projector
cube object
iPad or other tablet computer

"The white is not what it seems", the AR installation is made in honor of Julian Assange. His imprisonment reveals a mechanism of governmental censorship of the mass media at the global level, showing how they work and what they can publish and what is not allowed.
It explores how contemporary mass media shapes information as a ‘reality’ that is supposed to inform, as well as distract.
It contents a white cube inside of which a video beamer is installed. Time by time it projects short videos of different events that attract public attention & serve as entertainments, as royal weddings, funerals, episodes of celebrities’ life, impressive catastrophes & etc. On the wall around it there are dirty stains that remind traces of feces made by a hand. (Ecuador revoked Julian Assange's asylum status because he smeared his feces on the walls of the country's embassy, Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno said.)
With help of iPad or smart phone directed onto these traces we can watch different interviews and reportages covered this event.