Tunnel Hearing
collaboration with Michael Attias and Maurice Charles Jj

Music & Performance: Michael Attias

Tunnel Hearing is a live performance and video piece in which sound and image produce each other reciprocally, both in a metaphorical and very literal sense. The mysterious quality of the relation between the two persists even when the physical basis for their interaction becomes established in the mind’s ear and eye of the audience. Thus sound becomes a flicker of light and shadow a shift of timbre.

Music and performance: Maurice Charles Jj



Technical description:

There are two micro cameras that attached: one inside of baritone saxophone. In such way that it films the inside body of instrument. Second one is fixed exterior on tripod.
The image is projected on the wall. Position of musician is on the left side of projection.
Two video streams are mixed through computer - live. The biggest part of video is video inside.
There are 2 little light spots installed near the musician.
One on a left side of saxophone (it gives light through buttons), second is on the light' support.
Performance is lasting around 20 minutes. Sound of saxophone is slightly amplified.