installations video PERFORMANCES

Tubular Hearing Trio

Twin Depths
Underwater performance

Mirror's Traces
Interactive video installation / performance

Prepared Piano

Tunnel Hearing

Business Woman

Madness of Day by Maurice Blanchot
Theater / Performance

Performance & film
Cast: Anne D'hond
Soundtrack & music: Aeroundt Jacobs
Director: Alexandra Dementieva

Limited Spaces N2

interactive Installation/performance
choreography & performance: Heike Langsdorf & Palle Dyrvall
set design: Peter Maschke
constructors: Stephane Tambeur, Fredo

Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie -
Netwerk, Contemporary Art Center -
with support: Nadine vzw -

In Limited Spaces N°2 ‘Screen’ (in collaboration with dancers Heike Langsdorf and Palle Dyrvall) the performers are invisibly integrated in a rotating mechanism propelled by a bicycle. Their bodies only become visible once they try to escape from their passive state.

Mirror's Memory
interactive Installation/performance
residence: Tani/Nadine

Alexandra Dementieva and Arnaud Jacobs
composer: TMRX

investigating the influence on perception of minimalist sound and image

Limited Spaces N1

interactive Installation/performance
Alexandra Dementieva and Siegfried Canto
choreography and dance: Celine Peroud

Transcultures -
Netwerk, Contemporary Art Center -

The work 'Limited Spaces' is inspired by behavior psychology and asks for an active participation of the spectator, whose actions will interrogate our perception, our relations with others and our own image. The meaning reveals itself through the visitor’s involvement in dance, image and music. “Limited Spaces” is multidisciplinary work.
Technologies : Max/Msp/Jitter - SoftVNS - Interface-z 

Arnaud Jacobs and Alexandra Dementieva
Composer: TMRX

The environmental atmospheric soundtrack combined with images, depriving them this way narrarive meaning. The usual balance between image and sound is displaced.
The image and sounds for 'Trafic' were collected during the travels of visual artist and composer.